Information for applicants

Generally, applicants will enter in teams. Teams should contain 2–4 active members; while teams can be larger to allow for backup members etc., they should not contain more than 8 members total. All members must be registered as active undergraduate or master’s level students. Each University may only be represented by a single team and each team should normally consist of students from a single University. Where a team contains students from two or more Universities, those Universities may not have members on more than one team. Students should also not have worked as a qualified lawyer at a law firm, although traineeships etc. do not affect eligibility to enter. Since circumstances may vary based on your local jurisdiction, please disclose any relevant work experience when entering your team and contact the organisers if there is any doubt.

Teams should also include a coach, who does not have to be associated with a University.

Ultimately, this moot intends to foster a fun and interesting environment for learning and professional development. All participants are therefore expected to comply fully with the standards of academic honesty, fairness, respect and integrity.

You can find more precise details on our Timetable and Rules pages. Please be aware that the Rules in particular may be subject to some slight changes due to the expected shift to an online competition, but any such changes will be notified well in advance and the potential impact of any changes will be taken into account when any decisions are made..