The Helsinki Information Law Moot is a competition aimed at helping students to find their way into the wonderful world of information law. We gather together people and students from around the world to explore topics including data protection, access to documents, governmental surveillance and more.

Please look around our website to discover more about our competition. The problem for the 2021 competition and the answers to the clarification requests have now been uploaded to the The Problem page. Registration is now closed; good luck to all teams who have entered! For more information, check out our Timetable page, or look around our site.

Coronavirus and HILM
At the current time, we are still planning to go ahead with the 2021 HILM, even through the current coronavirus crisis. At the moment, it appears that this will most likely take the form of “distance mooting” over the internet, providing a safe, ecological and free way for teams from all over the globe to take part! We will be announcing more details as soon as they have been decided; please check back! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch on our Contact page.